karyogamy etymology

English word karyogamy comes from English -gamy, English karyo- (Relating to the nucleus of cells.)

Detailed word origin of karyogamy

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-gamy English (eng) (biology) Used to form nouns describing forms of fertilization, pollination or reproduction.. Used to form nouns describing forms of marriage.
karyo- English (eng) Relating to the nucleus of cells.
karyogamy English (eng) (biology) The fusion of two nuclei within a cell, especially as the second stage of syngamy.

Words with the same origin as karyogamy

Descendants of -gamy
adelphogamy allogamy anemogamy anisogamous anisogamy apogamic bureaugamy deuterogamy dichogamy geitonogamy herkogamous herkogamy hierogamy hologamy hypergamy hypogamy isogamy karyogamic octogamy oogamous oogamy plasmogamic sologamy zoögamy
Descendants of karyo-
dikaryophyte karyoclasis karyoclastic karyocyte karyoevolution karyofission karyogenesis karyogenic karyogram karyokinesis karyolymph karyolytic karyomegaly karyomere karyomeric karyomorph karyoplast karyorrhectic karyorrhexis karyotype karyotypic megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic