karyolymph etymology

English word karyolymph comes from English lymph, English karyo- (Relating to the nucleus of cells.)

Detailed word origin of karyolymph

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lymph English (eng) (obsolete, poetical) Pure water.. (physiology, immunology) A colourless, watery, bodily fluid carried by the lymphatic system, that consists mainly of white blood cells.. Discharge from a sore, inflammation etc.
karyo- English (eng) Relating to the nucleus of cells.
karyolymph English (eng) The liquid part of the nucleus of a cell.

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Descendants of karyo-
dikaryophyte karyoclasis karyoclastic karyocyte karyoevolution karyofission karyogamic karyogamy karyogenesis karyogenic karyogram karyokinesis karyolytic karyomegaly karyomere karyomeric karyomorph karyoplast karyorrhectic karyorrhexis karyotype karyotypic megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic