karyomegaly etymology

English word karyomegaly comes from English -megaly (Enlargement.), English karyo- (Relating to the nucleus of cells.)

Detailed word origin of karyomegaly

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-megaly English (eng) Enlargement.
karyo- English (eng) Relating to the nucleus of cells.
karyomegaly English (eng) (cytology) The condition of having an enlarged cell nucleus.

Words with the same origin as karyomegaly

Descendants of -megaly
adrenomegaly cardiomegaly chiromegaly clitoromegaly cytomegaly dermatomegaly hepatomegaly lymphadenomegaly nephromegaly nucleomegaly pancreatomegaly placentomegaly ventriculomegaly visceromegaly
Descendants of karyo-
dikaryophyte karyoclasis karyoclastic karyocyte karyoevolution karyofission karyogamic karyogamy karyogenesis karyogenic karyogram karyokinesis karyolymph karyolytic karyomere karyomeric karyomorph karyoplast karyorrhectic karyorrhexis karyotype karyotypic megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic