keratinolytic etymology

English word keratinolytic comes from English -lytic, English keratin ((protein) The protein of which hair and nails are composed.)

Detailed word origin of keratinolytic

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-lytic English (eng) Used in adjectives relating to nouns with the suffix -lysis.
keratin English (eng) (protein) The protein of which hair and nails are composed.
keratinolytic English (eng) That causes the lysis of keratin.

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Descendants of -lytic
adipolytic adrenolytic amidolytic biolytic cerumenolytic erythrolytic exolytic gelatinolytic glycogenolytic glycogenolytically glycolytic haemolytic homolytic karyolytic ligninolytic oncolytic photolytic photolytically psycholytic saccharolytic thiolytic thrombolytic urealytic zymolytic