kleptocratic etymology

English word kleptocratic comes from English -cratic, English klepto- (Theft; stealing.)

Detailed word origin of kleptocratic

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-cratic English (eng) Used to form adjectives, of or befitting -cracy. Used to form adjectives, of or befitting -crat.
klepto- English (eng) Theft; stealing.
kleptocratic English (eng) Pertaining to a kleptocracy; characterised by rulers or leaders who are thieves.

Words with the same origin as kleptocratic

Descendants of -cratic
Eurocratic adhocratic androcratic antitechnocratic chromocratic heterocratic hierocratic ideocratic leucocratic leukocratic logocratic melanocratic nontechnocratic phallocratic physiocratic plutocratic polycratic technocratic technocratically xerocratic
Descendants of klepto-
kleptocat kleptocracy kleptolagnia kleptoparasite kleptoparasitic kleptophilia kleptophobia kleptoplasty kleptopredation kleptopredator narcokleptocracy