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English word klepton comes from Ancient Greek κλέπτης, English -on

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κλέπτης Ancient Greek (grc)
-on English (eng) (biology, genetics) Forming names of things considered as basic or fundamental units, such as codon or recon.. (chemistry) Forming names of noble gases and certain nonmetal elements (such as boron or silicon).. (physics, maths, and, biology) Forming nouns denoting subatomic particles (proton), quanta (photon), molecular units (codon), or substances (interferon).
klepton English (eng) (biology) A species that requires input from another biological taxon (normally from a species which is closely related to the kleptonic species) to complete its reproductive cycle.

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Descendants of κλέπτης
Descendants of -on
Bohr magneton antineoplaston baryon baryonless boron boson caron encephalon energon interferon leptoproduction multiexon neutron neutronic nylon photon photonic pion polaron psychon renormalon tachyon texton trion