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English word kryptonite comes from English -ite, English krypton

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-ite English (eng) Forming adjectives (biology) Used to form nouns denoting segments or components of the body or an organ of the body.. (chemistry) Used to form names of certain chemical compounds, especially salts or esters of acids whose name ends in -ous.. (chiefly, US) Used to form demonyms.. (sometimes, pejorative) Used to form nouns denoting followers or adherents of a specified person, idea, doctrine, [...]
krypton English (eng) (countable) An atom of this element.. A chemical element (symbol Kr) with an atomic number of 36; one of the noble gases.
kryptonite English (eng) (figuratively) The one weakness of something or someone that is otherwise invulnerable, an Achilles heel.

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aphrodite meteorite