laparoscopy etymology

English word laparoscopy comes from English -scopy (Observation, viewing.), English laparo- ((medicine, anatomy) flank, side.)

Detailed word origin of laparoscopy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-scopy English (eng) Observation, viewing.
laparo- English (eng) (medicine, anatomy) flank, side.
laparoscopy English (eng) (medicine) Examination of the loins or abdomen, now specifically examination or surgery on the peritoneal cavity using a laparoscope.

Words with the same origin as laparoscopy

Descendants of -scopy
amnioscopy auriscopy bioscopy bronchoscopy brontoscopy colonoscopy duodenoscopy embryoscopy endoscopy fibroscopy fluoroscopy genitoscopy metalloscopy microscopy oneiroscopy proctoscopy rectoscopy retinoscopy spectroscopy telescopy thoracoscopy tracheoscopy uranoscopy vaginoscopy
Descendants of laparo-
hydrolaparoscopy laparocele laparoscope laparostomy laparotomy