laplet etymology

English word laplet comes from English laptop ((computing) A laptop computer.), English tablet

Detailed word origin of laplet

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laptop English (eng) (computing) A laptop computer.
tablet English (eng) (transitive) To form (a drug, etc.) into tablets. (Scotland) A confection made from sugar, condensed milk and butter.. (computing) A graphics tablet.. (computing) A tablet computer, a type of portable computer.. (religion) A short scripture written by the founders of the Bahá'í faith.. A pill; a small, easily swallowed portion of a substance.. A slab of clay used for inscription.
laplet English (eng) (computing, neologism) A type of netbook or ultrabook that has a removable keyboard and where the internals are hidden behind the screen instead of below the keyboard.. (computing, neologism) A type of tablet computer that includes a (removable) keyboard which may double as a screen cover.

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