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English word layout comes from English lay, English out

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lay English (eng) (obsolete) A meadow; a lea. A lake. (Judaism, transitive) To don or put on (tefillin (phylacteries)). (colloquial) A casual sexual partner.. (colloquial) An act of sexual intercourse.. (slang, archaic) A plan; a scheme.. (uncountable) the laying of eggs.. A share of the profits in a business.. Arrangement or relationship; layout.. The direction a rope is twisted.. Lyrical, narrative poem [...]
out English (eng) (colloquial) Outside.. (nonstandard, contraction of out of) Away from the inside. (cricket, baseball) Of a batter or batsman: having caused an out called on himself while batting under various rules of the game.. (obsolete) Of a young lady: having entered society and available to be courted.. Openly acknowledging that one is gay or transgender.. Released, available for purchase, download or [...]
layout English (eng) (electronics) A specification of an integrated circuit showing the position of the physical components that will implement the schematic in silicon.. (engineering) A map or a drawing of a construction site showing the position of roads, buildings or other constructions.. (publishing) The process of arranging editorial content, advertising, graphics and other information to fit within certain [...]

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