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English word legendary comes from English -ary, English legend

Detailed word origin of legendary

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-ary English (eng) (mathematics) having the specified arity.. Of or pertaining to; adjective suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also.
legend English (eng) A fabricated backstory for a spy, with associated documents and records; a cover story.. A key to the symbols and color codes on a map, chart, etc.. A leading protagonist in a historical legend.. A person related to a legend or legends.. A person with legend-like qualities, such as extraordinary accomplishment.. A plausible story set in the historical past, but whose historicity is [...]
legendary English (eng) (obsolete) A collection of legends, in particular of lives of saints.. (obsolete) One who relates legends. Appearing (solely) in legends.. Having the splendor of a legend; fabled.. Having unimaginable greatness; excellent to such an extent to evoke stories. Of or pertaining to a legend or to legends.

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boundary complimentary evolutionary honorary missionary planetary visionary