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English word legit comes from New Latin logarithmus

Detailed word origin of legit

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logarithmus New Latin (la-new)
*leǵ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to collect, to speak, to leak
*leǵ-s Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*lēg- Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
legis Latin (lat)
legitimus Latin (lat) Just, proper, appropriate. Lawful, legal, legitimate. Legal (of or pertaining to the law).
legitimate English (eng) A person born to a legally married couple. (transitive) To make legitimate, lawful, or valid; especially, to put in the position or state of a legitimate person before the law, by legal means. [from 1590] Lawfully begotten, i.e., born to a legally married couple. [from mid-14th century]. Authentic, real, genuine.. Conforming to known principles, or established or accepted rules or standards; [...]
legit English (eng)

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Descendants of logarithmus
colleague collect collected collecting collection college dignity election elegant elite illegal intelligent lake leak legacy legal legend legendary legitimate lesson log loyalty privilege religion religious