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English word lemonade from Old French limonade, which is derived from Old French limon (lemon), which in turn is derived from Arabic ليمون (laymūn - collective term for lemon fruit).

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لیمو‎ Latin (ara) laymūn: uncountable collective term for lemon fruit
limon French (fra) A type of lemon.
limonade French (fra) A soda with a hint of lemon flavoring with sugar that is popular in France; a serving of this soda.. Lemonade; a serving of lemonade.
lemonade English (eng) (UK, AU, NZ) A clear, carbonated beverage made from lemon or artificial lemon flavouring, water, and sugar.. (US, Canada) A flavoured beverage consisting of water, lemon, and sweetener, sometimes ice, served mainly as a refreshment.

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