leptocurare etymology

English word leptocurare comes from English lepto- ((physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.), English curare

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lepto- English (eng) (physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.
curare English (eng) A plant, Strychnos toxifera, formerly used in arrow poisons in South America due to its D-tubocurarine content.. A substance containing the alkaloid D-tubocurarine, used historically as a muscle relaxant during surgery.. Other South American plants with similar toxins that were also used in arrow poisons, mostly in the family Menispermaceae.
leptocurare English (eng) (medicine) Any of a group of depolarising blockers, such as succinyl-choline, that have a long, thin, flexible structure.

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Descendants of lepto-
leptocephalic leptochlorite leptocystidium leptocyte leptogenesis leptogenic leptogluon leptokurtic leptokurtosis leptokurtotic leptomorphic leptophilic leptophobic leptoproduction leptoquark leptosome leptosporangium
Descendants of curare
curariform curarine curarise curarize