leptogenesis etymology

English word leptogenesis comes from English genesis, English lepto- ((physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.)

Detailed word origin of leptogenesis

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genesis English (eng) The origin, start, or point at which something comes into being.
lepto- English (eng) (physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.
leptogenesis English (eng) (physics) The differential production of leptons, rather than antileptons, in the early universe.

Words with the same origin as leptogenesis

Descendants of genesis
Descendants of lepto-
leptocephalic leptochlorite leptocurare leptocystidium leptocyte leptogenic leptogluon leptokurtic leptokurtosis leptokurtotic leptomorphic leptophilic leptophobic leptoproduction leptoquark leptosome leptosporangium