leptophilic etymology

English word leptophilic comes from English -philic, English lepto- ((physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.)

Detailed word origin of leptophilic

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-philic English (eng)
lepto- English (eng) (physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.
leptophilic English (eng) (physics) Describing a proposed form of dark matter that only interacts with leptons.

Words with the same origin as leptophilic

Descendants of -philic
Americophilic Israelophilic Italophilic Sinophilic aerophilic androphilic anthropophilic azophilic biastophilic bibliophilic congophilic cytophilic fluorophilic halophilic iodophilic lipophilicity metallophilic metallophilicity neutrinophilic nyctophilic oleophilic rheophilic scatophilic theophilic thermophilic
Descendants of lepto-
leptocephalic leptochlorite leptocurare leptocystidium leptocyte leptogenesis leptogenic leptogluon leptokurtic leptokurtosis leptokurtotic leptomorphic leptophobic leptoproduction leptoquark leptosome leptosporangium