leptoproduction etymology

English word leptoproduction comes from English production, English lepto- ((physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.)

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production English (eng) (computing) A rewrite rule specifying a symbol substitution that can be recursively performed to generate new symbol sequences. (more information on Wikipedia). An occasion or activity made more complicated than necessary.. That which is manufactured or is ready for manufacturing in volume (as opposed to a prototype or conceptual model).. The act of being produced.. The act of bringing [...]
lepto- English (eng) (physics) lepton. Thin, fine, slender.
leptoproduction English (eng) (physics) The production of leptons, especially by the interaction of other particles.

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leptocephalic leptochlorite leptocurare leptocystidium leptocyte leptogenesis leptogenic leptogluon leptokurtic leptokurtosis leptokurtotic leptomorphic leptophilic leptophobic leptoquark leptosome leptosporangium