leucoscope etymology

English word leucoscope comes from English -scope, English leuco- ((biology) leucocyte. Colourless. White.)

Detailed word origin of leucoscope

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-scope English (eng) Used to make terms denoting an instrument used for viewing or examination.
leuco- English (eng) (biology) leucocyte. Colourless. White.
leucoscope English (eng) An instrument for testing the colour perception of the eye, or for comparing different lights in terms of their constituent colour or relative whiteness.

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Descendants of -scope
Teslascope angioscope antroscope bioscope chromascope cymoscope embryoscope endoscope finderscope fluoroscopically hydroscope hypnoscope kaleidoscope laryngoscope nightscope oscilloscope periscope pharyngoscope polemoscope pseudoscope spectroscope spectroscopic binary spiroscope thermoscopic
Descendants of leuco-
leucaniline leucism leucistic leucoagglutination leucoagglutinin leucocratic leucocyanide leucodelphinidin leucodermic leucoethiopic leucogabbro leucol leucoma leucoorcein leucophlegmatic leucoplastid leucopyrite leucosis leucosphere leucotomy leucotoxic leucotoxicity leucous leukocytoclastic