leukopoiesis etymology

English word leukopoiesis comes from English -poiesis (Production, creation or formation.), English leuko- ((biology) leucocyte. Colourless. White.)

Detailed word origin of leukopoiesis

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-poiesis English (eng) Production, creation or formation.
leuko- English (eng) (biology) leucocyte. Colourless. White.
leukopoiesis English (eng) A form of hematopoiesis in which white blood cells are formed in bone marrow located in bones in adults and hematopoietic organs in the fetus.

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Descendants of -poiesis
angiopoiesis cardiopoiesis chylopoiesis erythropoiesis ethnopoiesis galactopoiesis haematopoiesis haemopoiesis hematopoiesis hemopoiesis mammopoiesis monopoiesis myelopoiesis mythopoiesis neuropoiesis thrombopoiesis thymopoiesis thymopoietic
Descendants of leuko-
leukoagglutinin leukocortical leukocratic leukocyte leukocytic leukodepletion leukodystrophic leukodystrophy leukoedema leukoerythroblastic leukokeratosis leukomalacia leukomonocyte leukophobia leukoprotease leukoreduced leukoreduction leukosequestration leukosialin leukosis leukostasis leukotomy leukotoxic leukotriene