liaison etymology

English word liaison comes from French lier (To associate. To link.), Proto-Indo-European *leyǵ-, French -aison (Forming feminine nouns of action from verbs.)

Detailed word origin of liaison

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
lier French (fra) To associate. To link.
*leyǵ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
-aison French (fra) Forming feminine nouns of action from verbs.
ligandus Latin (lat)
ligatus Latin (lat)
ligatio Latin (lat) Binding, bandage.
liaison French (fra) (chemistry) bond. (linguistics) liaison (phonological phenomenon). Friendship. Liaison (communication). Liaison (romantic encounter). Link, bond.
liaison English (eng) (proscribed) To liaise. (figuratively) An illicit sexual relationship or affair.. (linguistics) The phonological fusion of two consecutive words and the manner in which this occurs, for example intrusion, consonant-vowel linking, etc. In the context of some languages, such as French, liaison can refer specifically to a normally silent final consonant, being pronounced when the next word [...]

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Descendants of *leyǵ-
alien alley allies alligator ally bush coil collect collected collecting collection collective collector delay lea league liable obligation oblige rally recollection religion religious rely