liberticidal etymology

English word liberticidal comes from English liberty, English -cidal

Detailed word origin of liberticidal

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liberty English (eng) (often plural) A breach of social convention.. A local division of government administration in medieval England.. A short period when a sailor is allowed ashore.. Freedom from excessive government control.. In the board game go, an empty space next to a group of stones of the same color.. The condition of being free from control or restrictions.. The condition of being free from [...]
-cidal English (eng) Used to make adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -cide.
liberticidal English (eng) That destroys liberty.

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Descendants of liberty
Liberty libertarian
Descendants of -cidal
algacidal algaecidal androcidal candidacidal chronocidal cytocidal fungicidal mildewcidal nematocidal phytocidal pseudomonacidal sociocidal termiticidal toxoplasmacidal urbicidal zoocidal zymocidal