liege etymology

English word liege comes from Old French lege, Proto-Germanic *laugiz (Flame, blaze.)

Detailed word origin of liege

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lege Old French (fro)
*laugiz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Flame, blaze.
lige Anglo-Norman (xno)
līg Old English (ang)
lei Middle English (enm)
liege English (eng) (obsolete, legal) Full; perfect; complete; pure.. Serving an independent sovereign or master; bound by a feudal tenure; obliged to be faithful and loyal to a superior, such as a vassal to his lord; faithful. Sovereign; independent; having authority or right to allegiance. A free and independent person; specifically, a lord paramount; a sovereign.. The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman.

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Descendants of lege
Descendants of *laugiz
lea leigh