lien etymology

English word lien comes from Proto-Indo-European *leyǵ-, Latin -men (Forms neuter nouns of the third declension.)

Detailed word origin of lien

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*leyǵ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
-men Latin (lat) Forms neuter nouns of the third declension.
ligandus Latin (lat)
ligamen Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) poultice; bandage with herbal medicine. A bandage, band, tie.
lien Old French (fro) Tie; strap.
lien Middle French (frm) (by extension) link (association). Tie; strap.
lien English (eng) (legal) A legal claim; a charge upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty.. (obsolete) A tendon.

Words with the same origin as lien

Descendants of *leyǵ-
alien alley alleyway allies alloy ally bush coil collect delay lea league liable liaise liaison ligament ligature obligation oblige rally reliability religion rely tannoy
Descendants of -men
Ancien Régime Obamanation TEA-TEB abdomen abomination acumen albumin albuminuria alum aluminium alumroot discrimination flume foramen hyperalbuminemia leaven omen ominous realm regime specimen strammel tantalum aluminide volume