lightly etymology

English word lightly comes from Old English leoht (Light (of little weight).), Old English lēoht, Old English -līċe

Detailed word origin of lightly

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
leoht Old English (ang) Light (of little weight).
lēoht Old English (ang)
-līċe Old English (ang)
lēohtlīċe Old English (ang)
leohtlice Old English (ang) Lightly, slightly, gently, easily, quickly, without trouble, effort, or force.. Without harshness, with little inconvenience.
lihtliche Middle English (enm)
lightly English (eng) In a light manner.

Words with the same origin as lightly

Descendants of leoht
candlelight delight delightful flashlight headlights highlight light lighten lighthouse lighting lightweight spotlight starlight
Descendants of lēoht
moonlight sunlight twilight
Descendants of -līċe
automatically basically carefully daily dearly deeply early freely friendly fully genetically gladly hardly heavily highly lively newly physically sharply shortly slowly specifically truly weekly