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English word lightweight comes from English light, English weight

Detailed word origin of lightweight

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light English (eng) Carrying little. (curling) A stone that is not thrown hard enough. (in the plural, now, rare) Facts; pieces of information; ideas, concepts.. (informal) A cross-light in a double acrostic or triple acrostic.. (painting) The manner in which the light strikes a picture; that part of a picture which represents those objects upon which the light is supposed to fall; the more illuminated part of [...]
weight English (eng) (physics) Mass (net weight, atomic weight, molecular weight, troy weight, carat weight, etc.).. (slang, uncountable) Shipments of (often illegal) drugs.. (statistics) A variable which multiplies a value for ease of statistical manipulation.. (topology) The smallest cardinality of a base.. (typography) The boldness of a font; the relative thickness of its strokes.. (visual art) The illusion [...]
lightweight English (eng) (bodybuilding) A competitive weight division between bantamweight and welterweight, with specific weights varying by organization.. (boxing) A boxer in a weight class having a maximum limit of 135 pounds for professionals and 132 pounds for amateurs.. A person who cannot handle their drink.. A political candidate with little chance of winning. One of little consequence or ability. [...]

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Auld Licht Maglite lidar lite marriage lite starlit