linoleum etymology

English word linoleum comes from Latin oleum (Olive oil. The palaestra.), Latin linum

Detailed word origin of linoleum

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oleum Latin (lat) Olive oil. The palaestra.
linum Latin (lat) Flax. Linen cloth; garment made of linen. Net for hunting or fishing. Rope, line, string, thread, cord, cable. Sail. Wick of a lamp.
linoleum English (eng) An inexpensive waterproof covering used especially for floors, made from solidified linseed oil over a burlap or canvas backing, or from its modern replacement, polyvinyl chloride.

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Descendants of oleum
-ola benzol canola crude oil gorli oil menthol oil oil shale oil well oilcan oilman oilseed oiltight oily oleate oleometer petrol petrol bomb poison oak rapeseed oil ricinolein salicylol sinapoline underoil vegetable oil
Descendants of linum
airline aline baseline bloodline borderline byline coastline dateline deline flatline frontline hotline landline lifeline lime line neckline offline online outline pipeline skyline timeline underline