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English word linotype comes from English line, English balanephagous ((rare) Acorn-eating.), English type

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line English (eng) (transitive, now, rare, of a dog) to copulate with, to impregnate. (obsolete) Flax; linen, particularly the longer fiber of flax. (transitive) To cover the inner surface of (something), originally especially with linen.. (transitive) To fill or supply (something), as a purse with money.. To reinforce (the back of a book) with glue and glued scrap material such as fabric or paper. (baseball, [...]
balanephagous English (eng) (rare) Acorn-eating.
type English (eng) To determine the blood type of.. To enter text or commands into a computer using a keyboard.. To furnish an expression or copy of; to represent; to typify.. To put text on paper using a typewriter.. To represent by a type, model, or symbol beforehand; to prefigure. (chemistry) A simple compound, used as a mode or pattern to which other compounds are conveniently regarded as being related, [...]
linotype English (eng) A form of typesetting machine in which a complete line of characters is set at once.. The slug produced by such a machine, or matter composed in such lines. To prepare (printed matter) using a linotype machine.

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