lipidome etymology

English word lipidome comes from English genome, English lipid

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genome English (eng) (genetics) The complete genetic information (either DNA or, in some viruses, RNA) of an organism.
lipid English (eng) (organic compound) any of a group of organic compounds including the fats, oils, waxes, sterols, and triglycerides. Lipids are characterized by being insoluble in water, and account for most of the fat present in the human body. They are, however, soluble in nonpolar organic solvents.
lipidome English (eng) (biochemistry) The set of all lipids in a cell or organism.

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Descendants of genome
acetylproteome desiccome epigenomic exoproteome extragenomic genomic intergenomic lipidomic memome metagenomic mitogenomic nongenomic oncogenomic peptidome phospholipidome phosphoproteome phylogenomic pregenomic prenylome proteome selenoproteome sphingolipidome sterolome subgenomic subproteome
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