lipoapoptosis etymology

English word lipoapoptosis comes from English apoptosis, English lipo- ((biochemistry) lipids.. Fat.)

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apoptosis English (eng) (biology, cytology) A process of programmed cell death by which cells undergo an ordered sequence of events which leads to death of the cell, as occurs during growth and development of the organism, as a part of normal cell aging, or as a response to cellular injury. [from 20th c.].
lipo- English (eng) (biochemistry) lipids.. Fat.
lipoapoptosis English (eng) (biology) apoptosis caused by exposure to an excess of fatty acids.

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Descendants of apoptosis
Descendants of lipo-
high-density lipoprotein lipectomy lipemia lipin lipoblastoma lipodepsipeptide lipofuscin lipogenesis lipogenic lipoglycan lipohyperplasia lipomelanic lipometry lipooligosaccharide lipoperoxidation lipophilicity lipoplex lipopolymer lipoprotein liposculpture liposuction lipoteichoic lipoteichoic acid monolipopeptide