lipofuscinosis etymology

English word lipofuscinosis comes from English -osis, English lipofuscin

Detailed word origin of lipofuscinosis

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-osis English (eng) (pathology) functional disease or condition such as hepatosis. Formation, increase. Process, action.
lipofuscin English (eng) (biochemistry) Any of a family of pigmented lipid granules that accumulate in several body tissues.
lipofuscinosis English (eng) Any of a family of neurodegenerative disorders resulting from excessive accumulation of lipofuscin in the body's tissues.

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Descendants of -osis
acidosis amyloidosis cirrhosis cyanosis dermatophytosis fibrosis halitosis hemochromatosis hypnosis ketoacidosis koilocytosis leptospirosis leukosis lycoperdonosis mannosidosis mucolipidosis narcosis neurotic psittacosis psychosis sarcoidosis siderosis toxoplasmosis trichinosis