lithofacies etymology

English word lithofacies comes from English facies, English litho- (Lith- + -o-.)

Detailed word origin of lithofacies

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facies English (eng) (geology) A body of rock with specified characteristics reflecting the way it was formed.. (plurale tantum) Appearance.. (plurale tantum, medicine) Facial features, like an expression or complexion, typical for patients having certain diseases or conditions (e.g. costive facies).
litho- English (eng) Lith- + -o-.
lithofacies English (eng) (geology) A subdivision of any stratigraphic unit that has characteristic lithologic features.

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Descendants of litho-
astrolithology chemical lithosphere lithoautotroph lithobrake lithocarp lithocholic lithoclast lithocyte lithogenic lithogenous lithogeny lithogeochemical lithogeochemistry lithograph litholatry lithology lithomancy lithometeor lithomorphic lithophytic lithospheric lithotint lithotrophic phytolithology