lithomancy etymology

English word lithomancy comes from English -mancy (Divination.), English litho- (Lith- + -o-.)

Detailed word origin of lithomancy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-mancy English (eng) Divination.
litho- English (eng) Lith- + -o-.
lithomancy English (eng) Divination with the use of precious or semi-precious stones, gemstones, or normal stones by either interpreting the light they reflect (crystallomancy), or how they fall (sortilege).

Words with the same origin as lithomancy

Descendants of -mancy
aeromancy amniomancy anthracomancy arithmancy astragalomancy astromancy belomancy bibliomancy ceromancy chiromancy cyclomancy entomomancy hieromancy logomancy molybdomancy oneiromancy ornithomancy psychomancy selenomancy sideromancy spodomancy tasseomancy tephramancy xylomancy zoomancy
Descendants of litho-
astrolithology chemical lithosphere lithoautotroph lithobrake lithocarp lithocholic lithoclast lithocyte lithofacies lithogenic lithogenous lithogeny lithogeochemical lithogeochemistry lithograph litholatry lithology lithometeor lithomorphic lithophytic lithospheric lithotint lithotrophic phytolithology