lithosphere etymology

English word lithosphere comes from English -sphere, English litho- (Lith- + -o-.)

Detailed word origin of lithosphere

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-sphere English (eng) (mathematics) Used to form nouns indicating a sphere of x dimensions. Designating some layer of the Earth.
litho- English (eng) Lith- + -o-.
lithosphere English (eng) (geology) The rigid, mechanically strong, outer layer of the Earth; divided into twelve major plates.

Words with the same origin as lithosphere

Descendants of -sphere
adminisphere atmosphere biosphere blogosphere electrosphere fatosphere fisking graphosphere heliosphere heliospheric hydrosphere ionosphere magnetosphere mammosphere mechanical lithosphere mesosphere neutrinosphere oncosphere photosphere phyllosphere podosphere sarcosphere tectosphere troposphere vitasphere
Descendants of litho-
astrolithology chemical lithosphere lithoautotroph lithobrake lithocarp lithocholic lithoclast lithocyte lithofacies lithogenic lithogenous lithogeny lithogeochemical lithogeochemistry lithograph litholatry lithology lithomancy lithometeor lithomorphic lithophytic lithospheric lithotint lithotrophic phytolithology