litter etymology

English word litter comes from Latin lex, Proto-Indo-European *leg-, Proto-Indo-European *logʰeye-, and later Proto-Italic *legō (Gather, collect.)

Detailed word origin of litter

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lex Latin (lat) (figurative) a bill which has become a law, a law. (figurative) a condition, stipulation. (figurative) a contract, agreement, covenant. (figurative) a precept, regulation, principle, rule, mode, manner. A proposition or motion for a law made to the people by a magistrate, a bill.
*leg- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to gather, to collect
*logʰeye- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*legō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Gather, collect.
lego Latin (lat) I collect, gather, bring together. I choose, select, appoint. I read I deputize.. I dispatch, send as ambassador.
lectus Latin (lat) Bed. Couch, sofa.
lit French (fra) Bed.
lectuarius Latin (lat) Bed. Of or belonging to the bed.
litière French (fra) Litter (for cattle, cats); bedding (for horses). Litter (mode of transport).
litter English (eng) (collective, countable) The offspring of a mammal born in one birth.. (countable) A platform mounted on two shafts, or a more elaborate construction, designed to be carried by two (or more) people to transport one (in luxury models sometimes more) third person(s) or (occasionally in the elaborate version) a cargo, such as a religious idol.. (uncountable) Absorbent material used in an [...]

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Descendants of lex
colleague collect collected collecting collection collective collector college election elegant elite illegal intellectual intelligent legacy legal legend legendary legitimate lesson loyalty religion religious select selection
Descendants of *leg-
lake latch leak