lodging etymology

English word lodging comes from English lodge

Detailed word origin of lodging

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lodge English (eng) (intransitive) To be firmly fixed in a specified position.. (intransitive) To become flattened, as grass or grain, when overgrown or beaten down by the wind.. (intransitive) To stay in a boarding-house, paying rent to the resident landlord or landlady.. (intransitive) To stay in any place or shelter.. (transitive) To place (a statement, etc.) with the proper authorities (such as courts, [...]
lodging English (eng) (agriculture) The condition of a plant, especially a cereal, that has been flattened in the field or damaged so that it cannot stand upright, as by weather conditions or because the stem is not strong enough to support the plant.. (in the plural) Furnished rooms in a house rented as accommodation.. A place to live or lodge.. Sleeping accommodation.