logogenic etymology

English word logogenic comes from English -genic, English logo- (Pertaining to a word or to the act of speech.)

Detailed word origin of logogenic

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-genic English (eng) Produced or generated by something. Producing or generating something. Suitable to be produced, or reproduced.
logo- English (eng) Pertaining to a word or to the act of speech.
logogenic English (eng) (music) In which the words dominate any melody.

Words with the same origin as logogenic

Descendants of -genic
Eurogenic acidogenic agnogenic arrhythmogenicity biogenic carcinogenic cardiogenic cariogenic cladogenic cryogenic endogenic lysogenicity mediagenicity monogenic myceliogenic neurogenic osteogenic pathogenic petrogenic photogenicity psychogenic tenogenic toxicogenic transgenic tremorogenic
Descendants of logo-
logocentric logocentrism logocrat logocratic logogen logogram logography logolatry logological logology logomancy logomaniac logometric logopathy logophile logophobe logoplegia logorrhœa logosphere logotherapeutic logotherapy logotype