logogram etymology

English word logogram comes from English -gram (Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.), English logo- (Pertaining to a word or to the act of speech.)

Detailed word origin of logogram

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-gram English (eng) Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.
logo- English (eng) Pertaining to a word or to the act of speech.
logogram English (eng) A character or symbol that represents a word or phrase (e.g. a character of the Chinese writing system).. A graphical symbol representing a concept or thing, as in roadside signs; a logo.. A kind of word puzzle: a logogriph.

Words with the same origin as logogram

Descendants of -gram
hologram sonic sound telegram ultrasound unison
Descendants of logo-
logocentric logocentrism logocrat logocratic logogen logogenic logography logolatry logological logology logomancy logomaniac logometric logopathy logophile logophobe logoplegia logorrhœa logosphere logotherapeutic logotherapy logotype