louis etymology

English word louis comes from German Ludwig (A male given name... A patronymic surname​.), Proto-Germanic *Hlūdawīgą (A male given name.)

Detailed word origin of louis

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Ludwig German (deu) A male given name... A patronymic surname​.
*Hlūdawīgą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A male given name.
*Hlūdawīg Frankish (frk)
*Hlōdowig Frankish (frk) A male given name., meaning famous in battle.
Lodhuuig Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
Clodovicus Latin (lat)
Clovis Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
Louis French (fra) A male given name... A patronymic surname​.
louis French (fra) (historical, _, numismatics) A louis: various gold and silver coins issued by the Kingdom, Republic, and (slang) Empire of France.. (historical, _, numismatics, , slang) 20 francs.
louis English (eng) (historical, _, numismatics) Any gold or silver coin issued by the French kings from Louis XIII to Louis XVI and bearing their image on the obverse side, particularly the gold louis d'ors, originally a French form of the Spanish doubloon but varying in value between 10 and 24 livres.. (historical, _, numismatics) The louis d'or constitutionnel, a 24-livre gold coin issued by the First French [...]

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