luggage etymology

English word luggage comes from English -age, English lug

Detailed word origin of luggage

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-age English (eng) Forming nouns with the sense of collection or appurtenance.. Forming nouns indicating a charge, toll, or fee. Forming nouns indicating a place. Forming nouns indicating a process, action, or a result. Forming nouns indicating a rate. Forming nouns of a state or relationship.
lug English (eng) (transitive) To haul or drag along (especially something heavy); to carry; to pull, including its figurative senses.. (transitive) To run at too slow a speed.. (transitive, nautical) To carry an excessive amount of sail for the conditions prevailing. (UK) An ear or ear lobe.. (UK, dialect) A measure of length equal to 16½ feet.. (UK, dialect) A rod or pole.. (electricity) A device for [...]
luggage English (eng) (countable, nonstandard, _, or, _, obsolete) A specific bag or container holding a traveller's belongings.. (uncountable) The bags and other containers that hold a traveller's belongings.. (uncountable) The contents of such containers.

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