lymphocele etymology

English word lymphocele comes from English lympho-, English -cele

Detailed word origin of lymphocele

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lympho- English (eng) Pertaining to lymph, lymphoid or lymphatic tissues or vessels, or lymphocytes.
-cele English (eng) (possibly, nonstandard) Alternative form of -coel (“cavity”) (medicine) A hernia.. (medicine) A tumour.
lymphocele English (eng) A collection of lymphatic fluid within the body, not bordered by epithelial lining; often a complication after pelvic surgery.

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Descendants of lympho-
Lymphocystivirus lymphocryptovirus lymphocystis lymphocyte lymphocytic lymphocytotoxic lymphocytotoxicity lymphodeplete lymphodepletion lymphoepithelioma lymphogram lymphohematogenous lymphohistiocytic lymphohistiocytosis lymphoimmune lymphology lymphomononuclear lymphoproliferation lymphoproliferative lymphoreplete lymphoreticular lymphoreticulosis lymphosarcoma lymphoscintigraphy lymphovascular
Descendants of -cele
adenocele amniocele blastocele bronchocele choledochocele encephalocele enterocele galactocele glossocele hepatocele keratocele laparocele merocele mucocele omphalocele pneumatocele proctocele pseudocele rectocele spermatocele ureterocele urethrocele urocele varicocele