machete etymology

English word machete comes from Latin marem, Latin marcus (Large hammer.), Latin macto, Portuguese marcus

Detailed word origin of machete

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
marem Latin (lat)
marcus Latin (lat) Large hammer.
macto Latin (lat) I offer, sacrifice, immolate.. I punish, trouble.. I reward, honor.. I slaughter, kill.
marcus Portuguese (por)
masculus Latin (lat) (substantive) A man, male.. Male, masculine.
mattea Latin (lat)
masclus Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
marculus Latin (lat) Small hammer, (ante-classical, post-Augustan) hammer.
macho Spanish (spa) Anvil. Sledgehammer Male Male. Strong, brave.
machete Spanish (spa) Machete. Mediocre method for obtaining somewhat accurate results; shortcut.
machete English (eng) To cut or chop with a machete.. To hack or chop crudely with a blade other than a machete. A sword-like tool used for cutting large plants with a chopping motion. A machete's blade is usually 50 to 65 centimeters (cm) long, and up to three millimeters (mm) thick.

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blackmail clothed clothes email female macho mail mailbox mailed mailman male manny marriage married marry masculine nude nudity