macroconstituent etymology

English word macroconstituent comes from English macro- (Inclusive. Large. Long.), English constituent

Detailed word origin of macroconstituent

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macro- English (eng) Inclusive. Large. Long.
constituent English (eng) (grammar) A functional element of a phrase or clause.. (legal) One who appoints another to act for him as attorney in fact.. A part, or component of a whole.. A resident of a place represented by an elected official.. The person or thing which constitutes, determines, or constructs. Authorized to make a constitution.. Being a part, or component of a whole.
macroconstituent English (eng) Macroscopic constituent.

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macro macroaggregated macrobiome macroblast macrocup macrodissected macrodynamic macroecological macrofamily macrofungal macrofungus macrohistoric macroindentation macroinstruction macronova macrophallus macrophenomenal macropinosome macroplastic macroprocess macropyramid macroregulation macrosmatic macroworld
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c-command soda syphon soda water sodium bicarbonate