macromorphology etymology

English word macromorphology comes from English macro- (Inclusive. Large. Long.), English morphology

Detailed word origin of macromorphology

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macro- English (eng) Inclusive. Large. Long.
morphology English (eng) (biology) The study of the form and structure of animals and plants.. (countable) A description of the form and structure of something.. (countable) The form and structure of something.. (geology) The study of the structure of rocks and landforms.. (linguistics) The study of the internal structure of morphemes (words and their semantic building blocks).. (uncountable) A scientific study of [...]
macromorphology English (eng) (biology, mineralogy, soil science) The gross structures or morphology of an organism, mineral, or soil component visible with the unaided eye or at very low levels of magnification.. Macrostructure.

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Descendants of macro-
macro macroaggregated macrobiome macroblast macroconstituent macrocup macrodissected macrodynamic macroecological macrofamily macrofungal macrofungus macrohistoric macroindentation macroinstruction macronova macrophallus macrophenomenal macropinosome macroplastic macroprocess macropyramid macroregulation macrosmatic macroworld
Descendants of morphology
cytomorphological ecomorphological extramorphological geomorphological histomorphological ichnomorphological immunomorphological lexicomorphological macromorphological mamarazzi metamorphological micromorphological monomorphological morphologic morphological nonmorphological osteomorphological paparazzi phytomorphological snaparazzi stalkerazzi