macrophallus etymology

English word macrophallus comes from English macro- (Inclusive. Large. Long.), English phallus

Detailed word origin of macrophallus

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macro- English (eng) Inclusive. Large. Long.
phallus English (eng) A penis, especially when erect.. A representation of an erect penis symbolising fertility or potency.
macrophallus English (eng) The condition of having an abnormally large penis; macropenis.

Words with the same origin as macrophallus

Descendants of macro-
macro macroaggregated macrobiome macroblast macroconstituent macrocup macrodissected macrodynamic macroecological macrofamily macrofungal macrofungus macrohistoric macroindentation macroinstruction macronova macrophenomenal macropinosome macroplastic macroprocess macropyramid macroregulation macrosmatic macroworld
Descendants of phallus
antiphallic dolichophallic macrophallic megalophallic nonphallic phallectomy phallic phallically phallicist phallicity phallicize phallicness