magnetotellurics etymology

English word magnetotellurics comes from English telluric, English magneto-

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telluric English (eng) (chemistry) Containing tellurium in a lower valency than in tellurous compounds.. Pertaining to the Earth, earthly.
magneto- English (eng)
magnetotellurics English (eng) (geography) A natural-source, electromagnetic geophysical method of imaging structures below the Earth's surface.

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Descendants of telluric
Descendants of magneto-
MD MHD MHDD MPDP magnetoabsorption magnetocalorimetry magnetocapillary magnetochiral magnetodynamic magnetofluid magnetometry magnetomotive magnetomotor magnetomyography magnetopause magnetoresistor magnetoresponsive magnetorotational magnetosensation magnetosonic magnetosphere magnetostrictive magnetotaxis magnetotransport