magnetotransport etymology

English word magnetotransport comes from English transport, English magneto-

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transport English (eng) (Canada) A tractor-trailer.. (historical) A deported convict.. A device that moves recording tape across the read/write heads of a tape recorder or video recorder etc.. A vehicle used to transport (passengers, mail, freight, troops etc.). An act of transporting; conveyance.. The state of being transported by emotion; rapture.. The system of transporting passengers, etc. in a particular [...]
magneto- English (eng)
magnetotransport English (eng) (physics) The transport of electrons through metals and semiconductors in magnetic field.

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Descendants of magneto-
MD MHD MHDD MPDP magnetoabsorption magnetocalorimetry magnetocapillary magnetochiral magnetodynamic magnetofluid magnetometry magnetomotive magnetomotor magnetomyography magnetopause magnetoresistor magnetoresponsive magnetorotational magnetosensation magnetosonic magnetosphere magnetostrictive magnetotaxis magnetotellurics