malaco- etymology

English word malaco- comes from Latin mollis, and later Latin mollusca (A kind of soft nut with a thin shell.)

Detailed word origin of malaco-

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mollis Latin (lat) (New Latin) Used as a species epithet.. Mild, tender. Pliant, flexible, supple. Soft, delicate to the touch. Tender, weak.
mollusca Latin (lat) A kind of soft nut with a thin shell.
Mollusca New Latin (la-new)
mollusque French (fra) Mollusc.
μαλακός Ancient Greek (grc)
malaco- English (eng) (biology) molluscs.

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Descendants of mollis
amalgam bemoil emollescence malacolite malaxate moil mojado mojito mole moll mollient mollification mollitude mollusc molluscan molluscum mullein wapping moll