mammopoiesis etymology

English word mammopoiesis comes from English -poiesis (Production, creation or formation.), English mammo-

Detailed word origin of mammopoiesis

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-poiesis English (eng) Production, creation or formation.
mammo- English (eng) (biology, medicine) relating to the mammary organs (mammary glands, breasts, udders, and dugs).
mammopoiesis English (eng) The process by which mammary stem cells are produced.

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Descendants of -poiesis
angiopoiesis cardiopoiesis chylopoiesis erythropoiesis ethnopoiesis galactopoiesis haematopoiesis haemopoiesis hematopoiesis hemopoiesis leukopoiesis monopoiesis myelopoiesis mythopoiesis neuropoiesis thrombopoiesis thymopoiesis thymopoietic
Descendants of mammo-
mammogenesis mammogram mammograph mammoplasty mammose mammosity mammotomy mammotroph