mammotroph etymology

English word mammotroph comes from English -troph, English mammo-

Detailed word origin of mammotroph

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-troph English (eng) Forming nouns denoting members of classes of organisms distinguished by trophic modes.
mammo- English (eng) (biology, medicine) relating to the mammary organs (mammary glands, breasts, udders, and dugs).
mammotroph English (eng) Lactotroph.

Words with the same origin as mammotroph

Descendants of -troph
allotroph autotrophic autotrophy auxotrophy chemoautotroph chemoheterotroph chemolithotroph chemotroph heterotroph heterotrophic lithotrophic mixotroph necrotroph organoheterotroph photoautotroph photoheterotrophically photolithotroph phototroph picoautotroph prototroph psychrotroph psychrotrophic saprotroph thiotroph
Descendants of mammo-
mammogenesis mammogram mammograph mammoplasty mammopoiesis mammose mammosity mammotomy