manipulative etymology

English word manipulative comes from English -ive, English manipulate

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-ive English (eng) An adjective suffix signifying relating or belonging to, of the nature of, tending to; as affirmative, active, conclusive, corrective, diminutive.
manipulate English (eng) (transitive) To influence or control someone in order to achieve a specific purpose, especially one that is unknown to the one being manipulated and beneficial to the manipulator; to use. (transitive) To influence, manage, direct, control or tamper with something. (transitive) To move, arrange or operate something using the hands. (transitive, medicine) To handle and move a body part, either [...]
manipulative English (eng) (pejorative) Reaching one's goals at the expense of other people by using them.. Tending to manipulate others.. Using manipulation purposefully. (mathematics) A manipulable object designed to demonstrate a mathematical concept.

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administrative aggressive competitive explosive investigative obsessive protective secretive